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Indoor and outdoor sports flooring and accessories

Max Sport-Outdoor sports grounds and indoor sports halls in need of pavement with different qualities depending on the type of sports that will be practiced, the intensity of exploitation of specific conditions. You can view the most common sports flooring systems - their composition, structure, properties and applications.

Quality of internal and external sports flooring is extremely important for all who participate in sporting activities. Sports floor surfaces should be soft enough for the various sports and meet the requirements of both players, which require safe and comfortable in the game, and owners of sports facilities, investing in them to have less running costs.

For the short time since the creation of the company (but with more experience), we proved ourselves on the Bulgarian market by offering quality flooring, professional installation and proved that we are a reliable partner in dealing with architects, investors, construction companies, municipalities and end customers. We work with quality materials under approved European standards and systems in construction.

Max Sports Ltd. is ISO 9001: 2000 by the National Office of Fire and Emergency Safety "and has all the certificates and evaluations on the feasibility of products" Tarkett "in kindergartens, schools, medicine and health, issued by NCPHP to Ministry of Health.

We can be useful for the creation and upgrading of sports grounds, sports halls and fitness facilities and any other for sport.

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Internal flooring

Sports flooring for school gymnasiums, kindergartens, sports halls, fitness centers, city halls, sports clubs, training centers and others.

External flooring

For the outdoor tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball sports grounds, multifunctional sports grounds, stadiums, school yards and playgrounds.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass sports fields for football, tennis courts, hockey, rugby, skiing, football training pitches, multi-purpose sports grounds.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring for various sports such as football, mini soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, heavy athletics, athletics.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl (PVC) flooring, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, offices, business buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops and others.

Specials offers

Flooring for school gyms

We all know in what state are most gyms in stranata.Ako have decided to replace the flooring as you want to reduce costs and save money, it is imperative to first contact a specialist in this field that will help you appropriate choice of flooring. "MAX SPORT LTD" will acquaint you with the best deal for sports flooring according to the specifics of the hall or the ground, not least playing a role and loan price.

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Current offers

Rubber sports flooring - (Promotion)

Prialpas pavements are preferred for indoor sports halls, fitness rooms, rooms for volleyball, basketball, mini, also indoor and outdoor tennis courts, athletics tracks, sports grounds, industrial facilities, sports facilities, gym, ice rinks and more. We have a wide color range of rubber flooring tiles and rolls, which will satisfy the most discerning client Special offers rubber flooring slabs without sticking (puzzle type) for fitness c enters.

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Artificial grass for football, tennis and multisport

Изкуствени треви за футбол, тенис и мултиспортWe offer a wide range of artificial grass sports pitches for football, originality, tennis courts and multipurpose sports facilities. Artificial grass sports are suitable for professional and amateur to practice different sports like football, mini, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball.

Max Sport-artificial grass for football , tennis

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